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Oil & Fuel Filters

EPRE advanced oil and fuel filters are made from 2024 -T4 heat-treated aerospace aluminum and mil-spec hard anodized.

  • Lightweight compact size
  • High volume flow with minimal restriction
  • Machined to strict tolerances
  • Extremely high operating pressure (max. 200 psi)
  • Filtration = 20 microns
  • Unique design allows changing of filter element without disconnecting lines

Oil Pumps

With the aim to further enhance the performance of our championship winning race engines, EPRE produces its own extremely efficient pumps.

The EPRE dry sump oil pumps incorporate REM finished pressure gears operating in a tight tolerance pressure section housing to supply oil to the engine.

The oil and air scavenging from the engine is performed by 2 lobe aluminum rotor sections that have shapes that have been extensively developed for optimum performance.

The optional EPRE air – oil separator system with a unique design efficiently de-aerates the oil improving its lubrication while requiring only minimum power to operate.

The scavenge sections are connected to either a rear mounted scavenge discharge fitting or the air – oil separator by a large capacity internal collector manifold that simplifies plumbing by requiring only one large oil discharge line from the pump.

The oil pump shafts are constructed from a high stress steel material and incorporate a patented system to drive the scavenge rotors.  All sections are mil-spec hard anodized, not just cheap color anodized for appearance.

Water Pumps

  • All dedicated components – no modified industrial parts
  • High flow rate, superior impellor design
  • Good low speed efficiency allows the pump to run at half engine speed
  • Creates greater cooling system pressure than most pumps
  • Better engine cooling allows fully optimized engine tuning for more power
  • Lightweight design, all aluminum housings and carriers
  • 17-4 heat treated stainless steel one piece shaft, virtually no hex drive wear
  • Carbon seal runs against ceramic face, for frictionless sealing at high speed
  • All high speed ball bearings
  • All components machined to strict tolerances
  • All aluminum components hard anodize coated to reduce wear and corrosion


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