Welcome to Ed Pink Racing Engines - A Tom Malloy Company

Ed Pink Racing Engines (EPRE) is one of America’s premier auto racing engine building, rebuilding, testing, design and development facilities.

EPRE currently builds and develops championship winning race engines, as well as the production and sale of the highest quality engine performance parts including our dry sump oil pumps and water pumps.

EPRE also conducts engine design and development on a large variety of engines.  Recent projects have included a 2 valve 4 cylinder 2.7-liter methanol fueled racing engine and 4 valve engines developed for off road truck racing.

The successful and rapid development of challenging projects is the trademark of EPRE.

Other engine projects at EPRE vary from the rebuilding and updating of 900 hp turbocharged race engine for GTP vintage racing, Cosworth DF Formula One and Indy engines and Cosworth XD Indy engine for vintage racing to the design evaluation of a motorcycle engine and contributing to the development of road racing engines for use in South America.

EPRE regularly produces a large quantity of high performance oil pumps as well as designing and producing special oil and water pumps for every type of application including international endurance racing prototypes.